it never hurts to try something new… right?

well- I have made the decision. I am going to start blogging about wedding stuff. Why you might ask? Simply because I love it. I always find myself inspired by possible wedding decorations, locations, inspirations- so I figured I would at least put them to use. People might steal my ideas or really not even think twice about reading a blog like this. But that’s just fine with me. 

weddings are such a beautiful part of life for not only the couple, but for family and friends to come together, before God, and vow to support one another. It is a very visual symbol of what weddings and marriage should be about- the friends and family who attend hopefully are, or at least should be committing to praying for, encouraging, and supporting the couple through all that life might throw their way. Not to mention, it is a beautiful view of what God intended for us- to be united as one under him who is our ultimate Love, provider, and guide through this life. 

anyways- I love weddings. I don’t really care if you love them, but I do 🙂 So I am going to spend some of my free time blogging about various ideas or inspirations. Because in all reality- it never hurts to be inspired.

so let the inspiring begin.

welcome to the blog of someone who is inspired by weddings.


About Ally Williams

I am passionate about teaching, photography, and speaking Spanish. I love my family and friends dearly, I tend to think futuristically, and I want to live life in great expectation. View all posts by Ally Williams

One response to “it never hurts to try something new… right?

  • Corinne

    I love your idea of creating a wedding blog. I read wedding blogs all the time even though I already planned and executed my wedding. I still read them because they are so fun and beautiful. I am excited to see all your posts! I absolutely love mason jars as well and I would totally have used more at my wedding if I could have.

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