mason jars, anyone?

so I really like Mason jars. If I were planning a wedding for someone tomorrow, I would try and convince them to throw a Mason-jar themed wedding. How cool would that be!? It is a little bit trendy and antique-ish in its own way, with a simple yet clean feel. This first picture is a super simple reception location in the middle of what seems to be nowhere- which I love. it makes the wedding feel like its the only things happening in the world at that moment. Fun. And the Mason jars make great accents for the tables without taking anything away from the flower centerpieces.

I love this picture. Evening wedding with Mason jar lanterns lighting the buffet. I would even consider swapping out the buffet table for the bride and groom/bridal party table and making them the focal point of the reception. Mason jars make great lanterns/lights for anytime of day and are way more cost effective than paper lanterns or lights that need electricity. You can stick fake tea candles that stay lit forever and don’t have the potential to start fires, or you can use real tea candles. Either way, sticking those in a Mason jar is sure to give you a great ambiance.

if you wanted to go all out, you can even use a save the date with the Mason-jar theme. Not a huge fan of this, but if you really want to stick with a theme, these are a fun idea.

just another way you can hang mason jars for more of an indoor or porch setting- and I like what they used to hang them as well. The wire handles add a fun, more professional looking touch.

Mason-jars make great cups too. It would be really fun to serve all the drinks (margaritas would be fun in these too!) in them, even if they dont have handles. Lemonade or colorful drinks are always fun in these since you can see through them. When you serve them with colorful drinks they add even more fun to the look of your tables, but I suggest not having too many Mason-jars on a table (for example- drinks, centerpieces, accents, etc.) It might get a little overwhelming. Definitely have them all throughout the wedding and reception location, different sizes, as well as for different purposes.

Flowers. A HUGE part of any wedding day. Use Mason-jars! They are great because you can see the stems as well as the flowers, and they are not obnoxious for guests to try and see over. They are simple, reusable in multiple ways, and they add such a fun, DIY look to your wedding.

Well- these are just a few ways to use Mason-jars and today I was inspired by them. My mom and I were cleaning out the garage and we have a bunch of Mason-jars that we are using for my grad party in a couple weeks…and of course, they inspired me 🙂 The fun part? They definitely are not only usable for weddings- they make great holders for coins, candy, odd and ends, as well as for holding flowers around your house. You can paint them or even use them as home centerpieces with different kinds of fake fruit or decorative items inside. Before I sound anymore like Haley the Homemaker, I am going to stop- but I really do like Mason-jars. Try them out for any occasion, and let me know what you think!!

Oh and PS- just one more thought- as far as weddings go, they are a GREAT way to create a fun candy bar. Candy bars are a fun way to give guests something to take home- and since it is edible, it is practical. Different size Mason-jars can hold candies of all types in the colors of your wedding…or go for the rainbow and throw in all types of candy. But Mason-jars are a great way to display them.

Thats all for now. Hope you are so incredibly, unbelievably inspired…

or maybe just a little bit 🙂


it never hurts to try something new… right?

well- I have made the decision. I am going to start blogging about wedding stuff. Why you might ask? Simply because I love it. I always find myself inspired by possible wedding decorations, locations, inspirations- so I figured I would at least put them to use. People might steal my ideas or really not even think twice about reading a blog like this. But that’s just fine with me. 

weddings are such a beautiful part of life for not only the couple, but for family and friends to come together, before God, and vow to support one another. It is a very visual symbol of what weddings and marriage should be about- the friends and family who attend hopefully are, or at least should be committing to praying for, encouraging, and supporting the couple through all that life might throw their way. Not to mention, it is a beautiful view of what God intended for us- to be united as one under him who is our ultimate Love, provider, and guide through this life. 

anyways- I love weddings. I don’t really care if you love them, but I do 🙂 So I am going to spend some of my free time blogging about various ideas or inspirations. Because in all reality- it never hurts to be inspired.

so let the inspiring begin.

welcome to the blog of someone who is inspired by weddings.